Hilarious Bear Steals Pumpkin From Family’s Porch And Runs Away After Seeing Owner

Bear cubs are hilarious!

A woman from New Jersey, USA, caught an adorable bear stealing pumpkin for Halloween decoration from the porch of a family.

The entire thing was caught on cam and it is just hilarious.

Kelly Stephens, the woman, said that she ended up screaming when she saw the bear approaching the front porch of their house.

The incident happened in Morris County Home, New Jersey.

Talking about the incident, Kelly said that her screaming scared off the bear.

She added: “I guess my screaming scared him off, so I ran to get my phone, and then when I came back, he slowly proceeded to come back to capture the pumpkin.”

The video that was shared by the owner of the house shows the bear cub creeping up to the house.

The bear then grabbed a pumpkin in its mouse and when she screamed, the bear just ran away like a kid stealing candy.

At some point in the video, the adorable bear dropped the pumpkin.

When the pumpkin fell, it rolled down the road, which forced the bear to run back and chase it down.

The bear then got the pumpkin, went to find a comfortable place, and started to eat it.

Stephens said that the bear eventually settled down a street near their house to eat down the pumpkin that it stole from their house.

Stephens was not the only one in New Jersey that spotted the bear.

The police said that they got a phone earlier this week about an unusual bear sighting in the area. They believe it is the same bear.

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