Heart-Stopping Video Shows Black Bear Sneaking Up On Guests At Mexican Park And Stroking Woman’s Hair

In a heart-stopping video that is viral right now, you can see a black bear slowly sneaking up on guests at a park and stoking a woman’s hair.

Well, that’s something you didn’t expect eh.

Guests at a park in Mexico were treated to a once in a lifetime opportunity when they got to experience a bear head to head.

When bears make it to the news, it’s usually about attacks, but this one just wanted to play with humans and have a great time.

According to reports, the incident happened in a park near Monterrey, Mexico, when a black bear made a surprise visit to a parking area.

The black bear was reportedly looking for food at a nearby trash can when it came across the visitors in the park.

Footage showed the large animal walking behind the guests before standing up on its hind legs.

The black bear went on to brush the woman’s hair before calmly sitting back down.

After the video went viral on social media, the Santa Catarina Civil Protection asked visitors to the park to avoid feeding or taking pictures of the wild animals.

Black bears are less aggressive if we compare them to brown or grizzly bears, but considering the fact that they are capable of killing a human in a single attack, we should take precautions.

The video was first shared on YouTube and it currently has over 293 thousand views, 166 likes, and over 70 comments.

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