Heartbreaking Pictures Show Thirsty Koala Licking Rainwater Off A Road After Rain In Australia

Australia has been through a lot of things in the past 5 to 6 months, and we have seen some of the most devastating and heartbreaking images of all time.

In pictures that are viral on social media right now, you can see a dehydrated koala licking water of a country road after the first major rainfall in the past 2 months.

The koala, who is believed to be a bushfire survivor, can be seen licking water off the road.

Pamela Schramm, the person who took the picture, and her children were on their way home when they spotted the thirsty Koala on the Moree to Croppa Creek Road in New South Wales.

The picture was captured on January 16, 2020.

Initially, Pamela and her children thought the Koala was injured.

Upon stopping the car to take a look at the Koala, the family realized the marsupial was drinking water.

During an interview, Pamela said, “I thought he was injured as he was so quiet. But once he walked a little I realised he was fine.”

She added, “We couldn’t get him off the road he was just so thirsty.”

Images show the koala walking around on the wet road and licking from small puddles.

The koala can be seen pausing for a bit to look at Pamela and her children before going on to lick the water off the road.

Pamela said the back and the hips of the Koala were in good condition, but she wanted to make sure the poor little fella was alright.

The concerned woman placed a bag on the side of the road and went to look for a carer and came back to the same spot.

She found the koala high up in the tree.

The carer watched the video of the Koala and said the animal looked healthy as it didn’t have any diarrhea.

Pamela is now asking motorists to slow down and look out for wild animals at this time.

She said, “Please be careful on the roads. Wildlife coming out to drink. It’s heartbreaking to see them stressed.”

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