Heartless 18-Year-Old Girl Beheads Grandmother’s Pet Dog, Takes Out Its Heart, And Places It Inside Freezer

An 18-year-old girl from Memphis, USA, murdered the pet dog of her grandmother, took out its hearts, and placed it inside a freezer for no reason.

It is believed that the heartless teenagers killed Lucy, the dog, for no reason.

She reportedly cut the head of the Shih Tzu and placed it inside a drawing dresser before cutting open the dog and removing its heart and placing it in the freezer.

She also left a number of the organs of the dog around the house.

Kyoko Smith was arrested by the police after the incident came to light and is currently facing felony animal cruelty charges.

Kevin Gause, a neighbor, said that the owners of Lucy are very caring and helpful.

The owner of the dog was helping out her granddaughter, who had a number of problems.

He added:

They’re good neighbors. They came over, helped me out with my yard. I help them. So they’re very friendly neighbors.

Talking about the dog being killed, Kevin added:

I really hate to hear that. Why someone would do that to a dog? I have no idea. Just sad to hear, very sad to hear.

Kyoko Smith, the heartless woman, admitted to the police that she killed the dog.

Smith has been charged with three counts of animal felony charges.

She was released on a $5,000 bond, said reports.

The crimes that she is facing belong under the class E felony.

One of the conditions that she got for the jail release was getting counseling, said Fox13 Memphis.

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