Heartless Security Guard Kills Cat And Her Unborn Babies After Pouring Boiling Water Over Her

Warning: Some of the images that can be found below are too graphic to see, please watch on your own will.

A man from China was fired from his job after they poured boiling water over a pregnant cat.

The animal and her unborn children were killed in the cruel act, confirmed reports on the internet.

The security guard reportedly captured the stray cat in a cage and poured scolding hot water on her as a savage act of revenge.

He did this because the cat ate his sausage.

A video of the incident, which is too graphic to share, was shared on social media in China after a user uploaded it.

It is believed that the incident happened in the Shanxi province of China.

The video was uploaded to the Chinese social media website, Weibo.

It currently has over 560 million views and social media users want justice for the cat and the unborn babies that were killed.

The animal was reportedly rushed to a vet after a passerby intervened.

It is believed that the cat and all 4 unborn kittens died in the scene.

It was reported by South China Morning Post that the employer of the man has fired the security guard.

The Taiyuan Security Services also paid 5,000 yuan to the Taiyuan animal protection group.

It was also reported that the man was detained by the authorities after the incident went viral on social media.

Let’s all hope more justice is given to the poor cats that passed away in the incident.

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