Hiker Is Stalked By Cougar For 6 Minutes After Running Into Her And Cubs On A Trail

A runner in Utah was stalked by a cougar for 6 straight minutes after he ran into her and her cubs while he was hiking on a trail.

Do not believe it? Well, this lad had everything caught on his personal cam.

Kyle Burgess, the man that we are talking about, started to record the incident when he thought that he had spotted bobcats.

Little did he know that he was going to end up being stalked by a cougar for 6 minutes.

Cougars are female mountain lions.

In the video that he recorded, he could be seen walking up to small cats on the trail in Slate Canyon, which is located near Provo.

The mother of the cubs later ran up to him.

The man then went away from the cougar, the opposite direction growled and yelled at the cat with hopes it scaring it away.

Burgess could be heard saying: “Go away! I’m big and scary! What’s up dude? Nice and slow.”

For the next 6 minutes, Burgess was followed by the cat, who is obviously angry and agitated towards the man.

Burgess yelled and growled at the animal for 6 straight minutes.

He was also heard telling the cat that he was not feeling like to die today.

Throughout the entire incident, Burgess did not turn his back away from the animal despite the fact that she was continuously lunging and hissing at the man.

After some time, Burgess threw a rock towards the mountain lion, which forced her to run away.

Burgess was relieved when the cat ran away.

Burgess did not sustain any injury or injuries during the encounter with the massive and dangerous cat.

What To Do If You Get In Such Situations?

Here are some things you should do in case you get in such situations:

  1. Stop
  2. Do not run away from a cougar
  3. Do not approach the cougar
  4. Maintain eye contact with the cougar
  5. Stand up tall
  6. Do not squat
  7. Do not crouch
  8. Make yourself look bigger
  9. Raise your arms or remove your upper top and wave them above your head
  10. Talk firmly
  11. Talk in a loud voice
  12. Slowly walk away and try to leave the area
  13. Keep your children or pets close to you
  14. If you are attacked, you want to fight back
  15. Protect your head and neck
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