Hilarious Video Shows Turtle And Alligator Giving Each Other A High-Five As They Swim Past Each Other

A video that was shared on social media shows a turtle hi-fiving an alligator as it swam past it, looking like a potential drug deal just happened.

The video that we are talking about was shared on Twitter by @GatorsDaily, a page on the microblogging website, where alligators and croc videos are shared on a regular basis.

In the video that we are talking about, a turtle, who is being called as the fearless one, could be seen swimming towards the alligator.

As they passed by each other, they gave each other a high-five.

Yes, a high-five and the video is just hilarious.

The video that we are talking about has 14.6 million views, over 176,000 retweets, and over 592,000 favorites.

It was shared with the caption of: “gator and turtle high-five”.

Here are some of the most hilarious comments that people had left after watching the video of the turtle and the alligator giving a high-five to each other:

Twitter stays undefeated for these types of conversations!

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