Horrible Video Shows Cow Tied To Crane Falling From Second Floor Rooftop In Pakistan

A video of a cow that was being brought down with a crane and falling from the second floor of a house in the city of Karachi, Pakistan, has gone viral on social media.

The video has sparked a debate about animal cruelty on social media.

On August 2, 2020, Pakistan celebrated Eid Al Adha, and on the same day, a video of a cow slipping and falling on the ground emerged on social media.

It angered thousands of social media users.

In the video, the cow could be seen being lifted from the top of the 2 storied building when it lost balance and fell on the ground.

According to social media users, the cow that fell from the crane belonged to a family in Pakistan for 2 years.

@sulemanrazauk, a Twitter User, said:

This particular cow was brought up and looked after by the family for almost two years on top floor of their house in Pakistan, I fail to understand why they chose to bring it down via crane machine for qurbani (sacrifice) on Eid day and why could not they do it on the same floor. #ShareToAware.

Keeping animals on rooftops is pretty common in Pakistan due to the shortage of agricultural land in city areas.

Some social media users believe that the cow in the video died after falling to the ground, however, there is no official confirmation.

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