Hungry Seagull Steals Pizza Out Of Food Blogger’s Hand During A Vlog Shoot

An Instagram food blogger captured the moment a hungry seagull stole away his delicious slice of pizza when he was filming a vlog.

Gian Andrew Squadrilli, who is from Italy, was taking a short clip of his zucchini and cheese pizza when the seagull stole his pizza

Andrew said he was taking a short clip of his zucchini and cheese pizza in front of the picturesque coastal town of Sorrento in southern Italy when the incident happened.

The video that was shared by Andrew started with him trying to film the slice of pizza with the serene blue sea in the back.

As he is busy getting the camera being focused on the slice of pizza, a huge seagull suddenly descends from the sky and swoops it in front of him.

The seagull got away quickly.

Andrew said that things happened so fast that he could not react.

He shared the video on Instagram, where it went viral right away.

Andrew shared the video along with the caption:

Guys I don’t believe it. It is the first time that such a thing has happened to me. A seagull has just robbed me. I swear I am shocked… a whole slice in its mouth and it almost took my finger off. The risk of being an influencer.

He said the bird then made off with the free meal.

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