Indian Mayor Says Tigers Should Be Punished For Eating Cows

Goa, India: Tigers and all wild animals have the right to hunt down animals in the jungle, but an MLA, which is equivalent to the position of Mayor, says Tigers should be punished for eating cows.

During an assembly on Wednesday, NCP MLA Churchill Alemao said tigers should be punished for eating cows.

The MLA also pointed out that if humans can be punished for eating cows, the tigers should be too.

The latest comment comes after a tigress and 3 of her cubs were killed by 5 villagers in the Mahadayi Wildlife Sanctuary last month.

The issue was raised by Digambar Kamat, a Leader of the Opposition party, through a calling attention motion on the floor of the House during the Assembly Meeting Session.

Alemao said, “What is the punishment for a tiger when he eats a cow? When a human being eats cow, he is punished.”

Alemao added, “As far as wildlife is concerned, tigers are important but as far as human beings are concerned, cows are important.”

The MLA brought up the topic because tigers were killing the animals owned by farmers.

Responding to the calling attention motion, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said locals killed the tigers after they attacked the livestock.

The CM said compensation will be paid to the farmers that lost their animals in the attacks of the wild cats.

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