It’s Pikachu! Rare Golden Brushtail Possum Rescued In Australia

A very rare common brushtail possum is currently viral on social media because of the fact that it looks like Pokemon, a cartoon character.

The baby orphan possum was brought into a vet clinic in Melbourne.

It was named Pikachu because of her similarities to the famous animated creature.

The Golden Possum! ⚡️We recently had a very special possum brought in to the clinic. She’s a rare golden variety of…

Posted by Boronia Veterinary Clinic And Animal Hospital on Tuesday, 13 November 2018

The Boronia Veterinary Clinic and Hospital shared the image of the possum on Facebook with the caption of:

We recently had a very special possum brought in to the clinic. The golden colour occurs due to a mutation which causes a low level of the pigment melanin which gives them their normal colour. They are so rare in the wild as although their bright colour makes them look special to us, they also stand out to predators! Luckily for this baby brushtail, she’s gone to carers to be raised and then will end up in a wildlife sanctuary so she can live a long happy life.

The photo that was shared by the Boronia Veterinary Clinic has over 3,200 likes, 960 comments, and 2,700 shares.

Here are some of the comments that were left on the post that was made by the vet clinic:

A user said: So this little cutie is a albino possum. Absolutely the cutest possum I have ever seen but they are all cute exvept at 2am when they have their army boots on jumping around on your tin roof.

Another user said: Oh she’s beautiful. The wonderful lilac pink of her nose and those dark dark eyes.

A third user said: We have the most beautiful animals in the world. This is a fact!! Same bread as the possums we seen in Phillip Island.

There are four color variations of the common brushtail possum:

  1. Silver-grey
  2. Brown
  3. Black
  4. Golden

As you may have guessed by now, the golden one is the rarest of them.

Golden brushtail possums are uncommon in the wild as their unique appearance makes them easy prey for predators.

The Boronia Veterinary Clinic and Animal Hospital vet Stephen Reinisch told Fairfax Media that the golden possum was found lying on the ground by a member of the public.

The possum was in good health and is believed to be around 5-months when it was found in 2018.

Dr. Reinisch said that the possum spent around 1 night at the clinic.

She was handed to a wildlife carer, who will be deciding about her future.

Dr. Reinisch added:

If she becomes [a little] more out there and a bit feisty she might be released, but if she stays anxious she will remain in long-term care.

Do you think this possum looks like Pikachu? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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