Kind-Hearted Firefighters Rescue Adorable Kitten After It Got Trapped In Empty Water Bottle

Firefighters had to free a tiny adorable kitten that accidentally got trapped in an empty water bottle and was struggling to breathe.

The stray cat was stuffed inside the discarded bottle.

Rescuers said that it could barely move when they came to rescue it.

On September 3, 2020, a worried local spotted the poor kitten and brought it to a local firefighter office.

The incident happened in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The firefighters rushed into action and were on a mission to free the struggling cat from the one-gallon water bottle.

They had to use a metal tool to release the cat from the bottle.

Eko Sumarno, the head of the West Jakarta Fire Service Office, said:

A kind man asked us to free the cat from the bottle. The man said he would do it himself but he was afraid that he might hurt the cat further if he cut the bottleneck.

The team decided to cut the open of the water bottle to handle the kitten. It was given room to breathe, after that became possible, they cut the bottleneck with a cutting tool to free the cat.

A spoon was also placed between the bottom part to avoid injuries or accidents during the rescue mission.

Reports suggest that it took the authorities around 30 minutes to free the kitten.

It is still not known how the cat got inside the water bottle.

Firefighters are now asking residents with any information or evidence about the incident to come forward.

The best thing about this is that the person who brought the kitten to the firefighter office decided to adopt and take care of the cat.

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