Little Dormouse Traps Himself In Bird Feeder After Eating So Much That He Could Not Get Out

Here’s that piece of adorable news that you were waiting for.

A little adorable dormouse trapped himself in a bird feeder after he ate so much that he ended up failing to get out of it.

I mean, if you are surrounded by your favorite food, you would do the same thing.

Cheryl Hewins, who is from the Isle of Wight, said she found this little dude trapped in the plastic cylinder.

Just look at this adorable little dormouse, just look at him.

Cheryl thinks that the mouse spent over 2 hours inside the birdfeeder and ate so much that it ended up getting stuck inside it.

If I had all the best food in the world in front of me, I would not leave the room.

The woman said she was surprised to see the chubby little mouse in her bird feeder, but she was not mad.

Cheryl said she was glad that the mouse enjoyed his stay and meal inside the feeder.

The animal had to be rescued by a professional after it was trapped there.

Catherine Holder from the Hampshire Dormouse Group helped rescue the animal after Hewins contacted her through Facebook.

Talking about Cheryl, Catherine said that she was a little bit panicked.

Catherine said:

Cheryl was a bit panicked about finding it in her feeder. I got back to her very quickly and confirmed it was a dormouse and told her to take it to the nearest vegetation cover in the garden and try and let him out as soon as possible.

The rescuer said that it was unusual to see a dormouse sitting still.

She also said that she was laughing when she saw the picture of the adorable little mouse.

The rescuer added:

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the photo. It’s nice it was a dormouse because so many times people think they’ve seen a dormouse and it’s not.

It is actually pretty rare to see dormice coming into gardens in the morning as they usually roam around freely during night time.

This is just hilarious!

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