Live Pig Thrown Off A 230ft Bungee Jump In Chinese Holiday Resort As Part Of Publicity Stunt

A holiday resort in China is currently on fire right now for launching a live pig off a 230ft high bungee jump to publicize their latest addition in the resort.

The video of the incident gathered over 50 million views in less than 2 days since.

In the video, you can see a pig being thrown from a bungee platform while it has its leg bound by rope.

A spokesperson from the Meixin Village of Wine, which is located in Fuling District China, called the stunt as inappropriate.

The spokesperson also confirmed that the pig was later slaughtered.

In the video, the pig can be seen wearing a harness and is rolled off the edge of the bungee platform and can be heard squealing as it bounces up and down from the bungee cord.

Animal lovers have criticized the act and are questioning why the company decided to use a pig for their promotion.

In response to the question, the spokesperson of the Meixin Village of Wine said they wanted the event to symbolize the passing of the year of the pig.

The spokesperson explained, “We held the event to symbolise the passing of the year of the pig, and the coming of the year of the rat.”

The spokesperson added, “The pig jumping from such a great height also symbolises the falling price of pork.”

The spokesperson later released an apology to the public for using a live animal in the bizarre stunt to promote their latest addition in the resort.

The spokesperson said, “We offer our sincere apologies to members of the public. After our inappropriate opening ceremony, we sent the pig to an abattoir.”

They added, “The pig was still the same as before it bungeed. For us, it was purely for entertainment, and we didn’t consider anything else. We were careless. Again, we’re very sorry. We won’t be doing anything similar ever again.”

They continued, “What the public says is correct – and we humbly accept their criticism and recommendations.”

The Fuling District Tourism Bureau released a statement about the horrible incident.

The spokesperson said, “Scenic areas report all upcoming events to us when the activities reach a certain participant threshold. The event on 18 January did not meet the attendance threshold, so the scenic spot did not inform us beforehand.”

The spokesperson confirmed that they contacted the resort after the video of the incident went viral on social media.

Keith Guo, an officer for the PETA Asia, said, “This is probably the world’s most inhumane bungee jump. While tourists can choose whether to face their bungee jump fears, this poor animal is completely at the mercy of those who have tied up its legs.”

Keith added, “It hangs from the sky in fright, but it has nowhere to run and in the end faces the inevitability of an abattoir. Animals, like humans, feel suffering and fear. Nobody’s ‘entertainment’ should be at the expense of another’s suffering.”

Keith continued, “The Chinese public’s angry response sends a clear message – animals are not for entertainment. PETA hopes tourists will boycott the organiser’s bungee jump activities to ensure a similar farce doesn’t happen again.”

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