Meow Of The Year: Video Of Cat Saying “Well, Hi” Goes Viral On Social Media

Gambino, a ginger cat, is now a celebrity on social media after a video of her meowing went viral.

In the video, the cat can be heard making an unusual meow that sounds like “well, hi”.

The video was originally shared on Instagram and TikTok by the owner of Gambino. Since then, the kitty has gained fans and crazy followers.

The video shows Gambino running away from another cat and hiding behind a refrigerator, but as his owner follows him with a camera, Gambino surprises everyone with an amazing meow that sounds like “Well, Hi.”

The cat then proceeds to groom himself.

The owner of the video shared the video and wrote: “It sounds like he is saying ‘Well Hi!!!’ in a thick southern accent!!”

Here is the video:

The video that was shared on TikTok has over 1.4 million likes.

On Instagram, the same video has over 800,000 views, 116,076 likes, and has gathered thousands of amazing and adorable comments.

According to a report, Gambino was adopted by her owner from an animal shelter in December of 2014.

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