Missing With Stolen Car: Disable Husky Mix Found Dead After Car Got Stolen

A disabled Husky mix who went missing when a car thief drove off with the disabled dog still inside the car, was found dead.

Earlier this week, Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida posted a video on social media and said a 13-year-old disabled female Husky-Shepherd Mix was found dead in Lauderdale Lakes.

Zorra, the dog, was found dead after a thief stole the car of its owner when she was still inside it.

On Monday evening, a towing company called the Broward Sheriff’s Office and reported about a stolen 2005 Volvo.

The dog was found inside the vehicle.

Zorra’s dead body was sent for a necropsy, investigating officers are now awaiting for the results of the necropsy.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office said no arrests have been made so far.

Zorra went missing on October 3, 2019, after her owner’s car was stolen outside a Dollar Tree near Andrews and Oakland Park Boulevard, Florida.

Wanda Ferrari, the owner of Zorra and the stolen car, said her pooch had paralyzed legs and said she needed a doggie wheelchair to get around.

During an interview with NBC 6, Ferrari said, “All we care about is that somebody — anybody with compassion, that has children, that has a family, even the person that took the car — tell us, give us anything.”

She added, “I don’t care how you give us a clue; I don’t care. Tell us where to find that dog.”

The Animal Rescue Group even offered a $2,000 reward for Zorra’s return and even hired a detective with hopes of finding the missing pooch.

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