Photographer Captures Incredible Moment Wild Orangutan Offers Hand To Man That Was Stuck In Snake-Infested Waters

In a picture that many are considering one of the best ever to be taken, a photographer managed to capture the moment a wild orangutan offers its hand that was stuck in snake-infested waters.

The image was taken in January this year, but it went viral recently after the images resurfaced.

Anil Prabhakar, an amateur photographer, caught the brief interaction when he was visiting a conservational forest on the Indonesian Island of Borneo last month.

Anil was with his friend when he captured the amazing, yet very rare interaction.

The forest, which is maintained by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS), is a sanctuary for critically endangered apes that may need refuge.

Most of the apes there are injured, went through habitat loss, and were rescued from being killed by heartless poachers.

Venomous snakes are the only real predators for orangutans in the forest.

Experts believe that the orangutan in the picture knew the consequences of approaching the muddy waters.

The man in the photo was a conservancy guard who was clearing off the snakes for Prabhakar and his friends.

As he was doing this, the orangutan offered its hand.

Looking at the picture makes us realize that the orangutan was offering its hand to the guard as if it was saying “May I help you?”

Because orangutans are unpredictable and can attack any moment, the warden ended up circling around to a different point in the bank and climbing out of the water on his own.

The best thing is that Prabhakar snapped a picture of the incident and shared it on social media.

Recalling the moment, Prabhakar said that it was very “emotional”.

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