Pitbull Left With Horrific Injuries After Being Set On Fire By Cruel Owner

A cruel dog owner left her pitbull dog with horrific injuries after she set him on fire as a punishment for fighting with another dog.

56-year-old Petra Gabriel attacked Doody, the pitbull, after he got into a fight with another dog.

Doody reportedly was in a scuffle with Titan, another dog, and the sister of Petra, who was not identified, separated the animals.

After the incident, Petra covered the pet in lighter fluid and set him on fire.

As a punishment, Petra set Doody on fire.

According to the vets, Doody could lose his eyes and could stay blind as a result of the injuries that he got.

The injuries of Doody are so severe that he could lose an ear.

The pooch has been sent to a veterinary clinic for further assessment.

Gabriel, who portrays herself as a Christian animal lover, is currently being held on a $500,000 bond.

Petra was arrested by the police and is facing arson and animal cruelty charges.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office released a statement about the incident, where they said:

We all love our fur babies and wish Doody well in his recovery.

According to the Sacramento County Main Jail booking logs, Petra also had warrants out for arrest because of suspicion of DUI and possession of narcotics charges.

Doody, who is now known as Phoenix, is being taken care of by the TEAM Organization in Florida, USA.

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