Poachers Laugh As They Show Off The Corpse Of Extremely Rare Clouded Leopard After Hunting It In Malaysia

Poachers in Malaysia decided to laugh out loud while showing off the corpse of a rare clouded leopard after hunting it down in its natural habitat.

The pictures of the laughing poachers were originally shared on Facebook by Max Mantra.

The pictures were reportedly taken in Tampin, a city in Western Malaysia.

The pictures that were shared by Max Mantra showed a bloodied rare clouded leopard being carried around poachers.

According to Daily Mail, there are only 10,000 clouded leopards left on our planet, and they are currently considered as an extremely rare species.

In one of the pictures that were shared by Max, it showed men who were wearing blue uniforms and orange berets.

It turns out, that the men who were seen in the background wearing uniforms were officers of the Malaysian Civil Defence Force.

Siva Nadarajan, a Facebook User, took screenshots of the pictures and shared them on Hiking and Camping Around Malaysia, a group on Facebook.

After the post of Siva went viral, Max deleted his post and deactivated his account.

In the post that Siva made on the group, he said he called the Department of Wildlife and National Parks so he could report the incident, but the staff told him everyone has gone home.

It is still not clear if Siva tried to report the incident again to the Department of Wildlife and National Parks.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature, better known as IUCN, lists the clouded leopard on their Red List and considers them as vulnerable.

The clouded leopards are mostly found in the Himalayan Foothills and in the jungles of Malaysia.

They were once found in Taiwan and Singapore, but they went extinct decades ago.

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