Puppy In Italy Is Born With Extremely Rare Green-Colored Fur

An extremely rare puppy was born in the Sardinia part of Italy and the internet is just going nuts over his amazing color.

Cristian Mallocci, a farmer, has a dog named Spelacchia, who gave birth to a give-dog litter.

One of the puppies that were born had green fur, and the internet is just getting a lot out of it.

Mallocci runs the farm with his brother in law, who has been identified as Giannangelo Liperi.

Mallocci and his brother in law ended up naming the extremely rare green pup as “Pistachio”.

I could not have thought of a better name too!

The pictures of Pistachio went viral on social media after they were posted.

Wondering about the reason behind this? Well, just read on the viewer!

The reason behind this is that puppies in the womb came in contact with a green pigment that is called Biliverdin.

It is the same pigment that gives us humans the green or violet-like color once we get bruises or a bruise on our body.

The best thing about this is that the fur color of Pistachio is not permanent.

If that was permanent, I would have named this one as hulk.

Jokes aside, the color of Pistachio will fade and he will get his original color.

Pistachio will be staying with Mallocci along with his mother.

Pistachio will take care of the sheep on the farm, but the other puppies will be given up for adoption.

During an interview with the Reuters, Mallocci said that green is the color of luck and prosperity, and the fact that he was born amidst this pandemic, it means that he is lucky.

What are your thoughts about this extremely rare green puppy? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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