Sea Otter Is Pictured Snuggling With A Little Shark In California

First of all, what?

A sea otter was pictured snuggling with a little shark and the entire internet is in awe right now, considering this never happens!

Don Henderson and Alice Cahill were photographing marine life off the coast of California, USA, when they saw something they have never seen before.

The 2 saw an unlikely pair, a sea otter and a little shark.

The 2 were snuggling together.

I mean, how?

According to the nonprofit group Sea Otter Savvy, this type of site has never been observed before.

It is still not clear what brought the shark and otter together.

I mean, they are a couple you would never see before.

A statement was released by Sea Otter Savvy.

The statement reads: “If you watch sea otters long enough you will see a reasonable sample of bottom-dwelling sea life brought to the surface out of hunger or curiosity. We are not sure which was the case here but these ‘jaw-dropping’ images are the first known record of a ‘foraging-like’ interaction between a sea otter and this creature.”

Sharks are dangerous, but it looks like they have a soft spot for otters.

Fish are not typical prey for sea otters, who are known to eat clams and crabs.

The otter and the shark did snuggle with each other, but it was not that long.

After a number of seconds, the otter and the shark decided to part ways.

What happens in the sea, stays in the sea.

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