Sri Lanka: At Least 17 People Injured In Elephant Rampage During Buddhist Festival

At least 17 were injured in Sri Lanka after 2 elephants went on a rampage in the streets during an ongoing festival on Sunday.

2 elephants broke free and sent attendees of the festival flying and running for their lives.

Authorities confirmed at least 17 people sustained injuries from the incident.

The entire incident was caught on cam, and it showed one of the rampaging elephants charging towards a group of people.

The incident happened in Kotte, which is located near Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Terrified onlookers ran for their lives and scattered immediately when the elephant came.

The elephant also managed to slam a number of people on the ground, including the person that was sitting on its top.

Local news agencies report 17 people sustained injuries in the accident.

The 17 injured civilians were rushed to 2 hospitals. 15 were released and 2 were advised to stay in the hospital for further treatment.

The Perahera Festival, which is a street pageant festival, starts at the 600-year-old Buddhist temple in Kotte, Colombo in Sri Lanka.

A parade is done and decorated elephants are forced to march through the streets of Kotte.

Decorated elephants are a major attraction at the festival. Also, families that are wealthy own elephants in Sri Lanka, this is a symbol of pride, nobility, and prosperity.

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During the festival, families send their pet elephants to participate.

A number of Buddhist temples also own elephants in Sri Lanka.

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