Stray Dog Helps Kindergarten Students Safely Cross Busy Street By Guiding Them

Dogs are sent by God to help humans get through tough times, and most of us do agree with this amazing belief.

In a video that is viral on social media right now, it just proves that belief that we stated above.

A group of kindergarteners in Batumi, Georgia, were trying to cross a busy street with a human guide, however, the street was so busy that they were having a hard time. So they ended up stopping at the designated crosswalk.

Kursha, a stray neighborhood dog, saw that the kindergarteners were having a hard time, so it took the liberty to deter the oncoming traffic and help the children cross the road safely.

In the video, the dog barked at the cars and cleared the road ahead so the children could pass properly.

By the time Kursha was done barking at the vehicles that were passing by, the kids managed to cross the street without having to face any problems.

Beqa Tsinadza, a pedestrian, managed to film the adorable incident and share it on social media, where it is viral right now.

Dogs are amazing and so are humans that love them to death.

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