Surfer Survives Shark Attack By Stuffing Surfboard In 16ft Great White’s Mouth And Punching It

A 28-year-old surfer from Australia revealed how he escaped a shark attack by shoving a surfboard into the mouth of a 16ft great white shark and punching it.

Phil Mummert, the 28-year-old brave lad, managed to flee from the jaws of a 16ft great white shark after he was knocked off his surfboard.

According to reports, Mummert was surfing at the Bunker Bay, which is 150 miles away from Perth, when the incident happened.

He was bitten on the leg by the vicious shark.

He was left with puncture wounds.

Luckily, the man managed to escape the entire ordeal thanks to his quick thinking.

The attack happened on July 31, 2020, but the incident recently went viral after being shared by local news agencies.

Recalling the incident, Mummert said:

The tail half was still attached to me with my leggy [leg rope] and it was in its mouth. It ended up between me and the shark, so I grabbed it with both hands and tried to push it into his mouth. The other guys in the water said I was punching him in the head and on the nose as well. I remember the shark swimming around me and I was just trying to keep my eyes on him and I was trying to push him away. I remember seeing the size of his dorsal fin as he was swimming around. It was massive, at least a metre high. He was still there next to me when the other guys got to me. Once I realised what was happening, my first instinct was to just keep that piece of board in its mouth, because I figured if he was biting that then he wasn’t biting me.

3 friends that were in the water rushed to his aid and placed him on a longboard and brought him ashore.

He was then rushed to a nearby hospital where health experts stapled his injured leg.

Mummert is currently recovering from the injuries that he sustained from the incident.

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