This Is Thor, The Most Beautiful Bengal Cat In The World!

Thor is considered by many people as the most beautiful Bengal cat in the world, and this is because of how amazing its fur and the fur’s color are.

Thor is a Bengal cat, and he has emerald green eyes. The cat’s fur is so amazing that many people who see it automatically say that this is the most beautiful cat that they have seen in their life.

This cat is so majestic that his images are commonly found on the internet.

In case you didn’t know, Bengal cats are not normal types of cats that you can find everywhere.

Here are some amazing images of Thor:

Bengal cats have some wildcat DNA in them, and this is what gives them their amazing reddish/goldish hair.

Bengal cats love to splash in the water and are known to be very playful.

Bengal cats have striped or marbled coats, and this depends on the type of breed that you have.

Rani Cucicov, the owner of Thor, said, “I definitely feel like his servant!”

Rani added, “Whenever he opens his mouth, we are ready to serve him, but I gotta admit that we get lots of love in place for it!”

Rani, thank you for sharing amazing images of Thor with us!

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