Trophy Hunter Who Filmed Himself Stabbing Dear To Death Gets Jailed For 7 Months

A 25-year-old trophy hunter who filmed himself repeatedly stabbing a deer has been jailed for 7 months for causing unnecessary suffering to 2 dogs.

Jimmy Price of Loose, Kent, was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to the dogs, who were left unfed and untethered at his home.

After that, a video emerged that showed him knifing a deer multiple times.

A video that was played before the court showed 2 dogs, Scout and Tramp, untethered and unfed at the house of the trophy hunter.

In the video, you can hear someone saying, “If they run away good luck to them, I tell you what, you’re the wickedest fella I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Tramp and Scout, the 2 pet dogs, were rescued by the authorities.

Within 7 weeks of being properly fed by the staff of the RSPCA, the pooches respectively gained 25 percent and 45 percent in body weight.

Price was later sentenced to serve 7 months and half months in jail

He was also banned from keeping dogs for a 5 year period and was ordered to pay £5,115.

The sentencing comes one month after Price filmed himself stabbing a young deer in the neck and posing with dead hares during an illegal hunting competition.

The police arrested Price after he took part in the illegal hunting competition, which saw entrants compete for £1,000 in prize money.

After the arrest of Price, his phone was confiscated by the authorities and was handed over to the RSPCA for investigation.

Rowan Morton, a prosecutor with the RSPCA, released a statement about the video.

Talking about the horrible video, Morton said, “It’s very difficult to even explain the gravity of what the video shows. There is a group of four males that can be seen with a deer. Jimmy Price is seen stabbing the deer multiple times in the throat while others shout at him to stab it.”

Danny, the brother of Price, was sentenced in the same court after he was found guilty of letting a bay horse starve to death.

Danny, a qualified 29-year-old jockey, informed the magistrates that he believed that the horse had been the responsibility of the person he had been selling it to at that time.

Magistrates heard he had stopped caring for the horse as he was trying to sell it and believed that the new owner was responsible for its care.

The horse reportedly starved to death.

The discoveries were made after the RSPCA conducted a raid in March 2019.

Danny was asked to complete 150 hours of unpaid work and pay a fine of £1,585.

He was also asked to do a 12-month community order.

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