Ultra-Rare Purebred Alpine Dingo Puppy Discovered And Rescued In Australia

A purebred alpine dingo puppy was found walking alone by a farmer in Australia and was rescued by experts afterward.

Experts are calling the rescue an “absolute miracle”.

Sooty, the dog, is currently being taken care of by experts that are working at the Australian Dingo Foundation.

It is said that a farmer was walking in Jamieson, which is 190 kilometers away from Melbourne, and came across the dog.

Initially, the farmer thought that the animal was a koala due to the puff that was found on the fur, but upon investigating, he realized that it was an abandoned puppy.

Sooty was just around 6 weeks old when he was discovered by the farmer.

The farmer called the authorities and the pooch was rushed to the Australian Dingo Foundation for DNA testing.

DNA results showed that Sooty had no traces of dog and belongs to the ultra-rare breed of the purebred alpine dingo.

They are currently a threatened species in Victoria, Australia.

Dr. Kylie Cairns, a molecular biologist at the UNSW Centre for Ecosystem Science, was the one that did the tests.

Dr. Cairns is the one who that confirmed Sooty was purebred.

Dr. Cairns talked about the purebred and said:

He shows no evidence of domestic dog ancestry and he is a further reminder that wild dingoes do persist in Victoria. It is troubling to see the term wild dog being so widely used for this native species because generally people do not realise that this term is used to lump dingoes in with roaming feral domestic dogs.

Dingos are vital for the local ecosystem as apex predators, however, they are being trapped and killed.

Experts could not believe their eyes when the DNA tests confirmed that the animal they had found was a purebred.

There are only a handful or purebreds in the entire country of Australia.

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