Wet Markets In China Are Still Selling Dog Meat Despite New Guidelines Stating Dogs Are Pets

Wet markets in China are still selling dog meat for humans so they could eat them even after the country introduced new guidelines stating that dogs are pets, not livestock.

In May this year, Beijing announced that they are going to ban canine meat after they removed dogs from their list of food for human consumption.

They also gave dogs the companion status, which means they are pets.

In China, over 10 million dogs are brutally torched to death each year for human consumption, which has sparked outrage amongst animal rights activists all over the world.

Wet markets in the country were recently spotted selling roasted dog legs, canned dog meat, dog sausages, and even dog penises.

Last month, Beijing reported that they will be removing canine meat and will remove dogs from their official list of livestock.

However, Beijing did not place a ban on eating dogs, instead, they just gave them the “companionship status”.

As a result, thousands of dogs have been slaughtered, butchered, cooked, and eaten as part of the Lychee and Dog Meat Festival.

What Is The Lychee and Dog Meat Festival?

The Lychee and Dog Meat Festival is a 10-day festival that starts this Sunday. It is an annual celebration that is held in Yulin, Guangxi, China, during the summer solstice in which festival goers eat dog meat and lychees. The festival began in 2009.

During this festival, thousands of dogs are consumed.

The festival has drawn criticism both domestically and across our planet.

On June each year in Yulin, China, the residents of the Guangxi province consume thousands of dogs and lychees to celebrate as part of a newly discovered tradition.

Nearly 10,000 dogs are consumed for each annual occurrence of the festival. In 2015, these numbers decreased to 1,000.

The festival is criticized over the fact that dogs are pets not for consumption and also on how meat sellers kill and sell the meat of the animals.

It was recently reported that dog meat sellers blow torch the dogs alive and use other inhuman methods to kill the animals.

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