Young Fishermen Capture And Kill Bull Shark Before Pulling Out 9 Babies From Its Stomach

A group of young fishermen caught and killed a massive bull shark before pulling out 9 babies from its stomach.

According to reports, the incident happened at the Hastings River when 4 friends were out fishing in the river.

Hastings River is located 50 kilometers west of Port Macquarie on New South Wales’ North Coast.

The river is a known spot for swimming, water-skiing, and frequent shark sightings.

Photos of the horrible massacre were shared on Facebook.

Images showed the large bull shark, which looks around over 2 meters long.

As the fishermen cut open the stomach of the bull shark, they realized the shark was pregnant with 9 babies inside its stomach.

The 9 babies spilled out to the ground.

The images sparked debate online with some users who said they were wrong, and others said they did the right thing.

A person said, “Just leave them be for God sake. If you really think they’re that scary don’t go in the water. It’s their home not yours.”

Another user said, “Absolutely unnecessary.”

Other users praised the fishermen for killing the deadly shark.

A user wrote, “Kill em all! Hang em high! You don’t want to be swimming in the Hastings river with that thing!”

A second user said, “Good one. We’ll be better off without it.”

Bull Sharks are commonly found along the east coast of Australia and in some parts of Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

The sharks are considered to be one of the 3 most deadly sharks in the world, along with white and tiger sharks.

Bull Sharks are capable of growing to up to 2 and a half meters long and can weigh up to 130 kilograms.

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