Baby Mowgli? Infant Born With 2 Inches Of Dark Black Hair Looks Amazingly Adorable

Born with nearly 2 inches of thick jet black hair, Oscar Jones, an infant, looks like Mowgli from the Jungle Book.

The amazing thick hair of Oscar was detected even when he was inside the womb of his mother.

Scans showed 1 cm of thick black hair when the baby was still inside the womb.

But the doctors were amazed after he was born.

Upon entering the world, Oscar had 5 centimeters of thick black hair.

When Oscar was just 8-weeks-old, 36-year-old Sara Morris and 29-year-old Joshua Jones, the parents of Oscar, had to take him to a barbershop for his first haircut.

When the couple would walk Oscar, people would stop and admire his unique looks.

Due to the unique hair of Oscar, Sara calls her baby as mini “Mowgli”, a character from The Jungle Book, due to his amazing hair.

Sara Morris said, “We really couldn’t believe just how much hair he had when he was born! It’s not something you see very often! His hair was, and is, very thick, and very black. Joshua and I have brown hair, though he’s closer to his dad than to me for that.”

She added, “Oscar’s aware that he has so much hair, I think. When we lie him down, he’ll put his arms over his head and play with it. But he’ll start crying when he accidentally pulls it, because his fingers get tangled up!”

Before Oscar was born, Sara watched the Jungle Book in December.

Looks like the baby got its looks from Mowgli eh.

But the pregnancy did not go really well for Sara.

Sara had pregnancy diabetes in May and suffered intense heartburn.

Upon going to the doctors, Sara found out that her son was already growing hair.

Sara explained what happened, “We went for a regular checkup, and learned that Oscar had 1cm of hair already. So we were expecting him to have some head hair when he was born. But we didn’t expect quite as much as we got!”

She added, “I took one look at him and said: ‘He looks just like Mowgli!’ Everyone else then looked and said: ‘Yeah, you’re right! He’s Mowgli!’ Joshua’s parents have taken to calling him little Mowgli ever since. It started because of his hair, but he’s also very cheeky, so I think it will stick!”

Right now, Oscar has around 12 cm of hair on his head.

Sara’s friends are now suggesting to bring the young boy in modeling.

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