Convicted Drug Dealer Death Row Inmate Manages To Escape High-Security Jail Through Sewer Pipe

A daring convicted drug dealer that was facing the death penalty escaped a high-security prison through a jail sewer pipe.

Cai Changpan, 37, was facing execution after he was found guilty of methamphetamine smuggling.

Authorities said that he dug a hole from his cell into waste pipes and out onto the street, which allowed him to become free.

This is not the first time Cai had managed to escape jail.

Cai, a Chinese drug dealer, had successfully escaped jail before by using a similar method, and this time, he managed to pull it off again.

A fellow prisoner at the jail said that Cai planned the escape for 6 months.

The incident happened in the Tangerang area of Jakarta, Indonesia.

The convict got tools from a building class inmates that were allowed to attend such classes. He would then wait until guards would change shifts.

The news was confirmed by Yusri Yunus, a Jakarta Police Spokesman.

Cai was sentenced in 2017 for trafficking 135 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine. He was facing the death penalty.

In addition to that, 70 kilograms of meth was found hidden in a chicken coop cleaner equipment, said the authorities.

Cai had previously broken out of a Jakarta Police Detention Center in 2017 by breaking a hole in the wall of the bathroom.

Cai managed to escape from a high-security prison on September 14, 2020.

The police are currently trying to find Cai and put him back in prison.

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