Dog In Kuala Lumpur Found Dead With 2 Arrows Sticking Out Of Its Body

Malaysia: Pictures of a dead dog in Kuala Lumpur went viral today after it showed the dead dog having 2 arrows sticking out of its stomach.

Arie Dwi Andika, the president of the Malaysian Animal Association, confirmed the news.

Arie said the incident happened at the Pekan Kuah in Pulau Langawi, Kedah earlier today.

Arie added, “This barbaric act to control the population of stray dogs is not a healthy trend. Only authorities sanctioned by the Animal Welfare Board can kill the animals through humane and internationally accepted ways, such as euthanasia.”

Arie continued, “In fact, even if you want to kill a sick dog, you need a licensed and trained veterinarian to do that,” he said when contacted today.”

Arie also urged members of the public to report incidents like these to the police.

Arie says people should not make the act of killing as part of their culture.

No witness or witnesses have come forward to report the horrific incident in Pekan Kuah.

Arie is currently asking members of the public with complete information to come forward and to talk to the police about the incident.

Arie said RM 1,000 cash will also be given to the person who can point out the person who did the horrible thing to the dog.

Arie added, “We will offer advice to those who are afraid to report the incident. Their information and identities will be kept a secret.”

If you have any information about the incident in Pekan Kuah, please contact the Malaysian Animal Association through WhatsApp, their number is 011-20901097.

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