Extremely Rare And Stunning: Yosemite National Park’s Stunning Natural Firefall Phenomenon Makes Water Glow Like Lava

People all over the world go to the Yosemite National park to catch and witness the annual Firefall phenomenon, which is completely natural.

A recent encounter of the Firefall, which is located at the Yosemite National Park in California, is viral on Twitter right now.

The video was shared by CaliaDomenico, a twitter user, with the caption of “Firefall” at Horsetail Fall in Yosemite National Park, California, looks like a scene straight out of a fantasy movie. But, it is an ordinary waterfall, which is illuminated by the sunset, that gives it a fiery glow.”

The waterfall is called the Horsetail Fall, which flows over the eastern edge of the El Capitan in Yosemite Valley.

The waterfall is known for looking like a river of fire when the sunlight hits it at just the right angle.

The natural phenomenon at the Yosemite National park happens every sunset during the last 2 weeks of February each year.

A small change in the weather, particularly in haze or cloud, the amazing Firefall effect can go away in a matter of seconds.

The waterfall plunges about 1,500 feet and if you witness the Firefall, it looks like you’re watching lava falling off.

The video CaliaDomenico shared has gained over 5.5 million views, 127,000 retweets, 535,000 likes, and over 100 thousand comments.

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