Motorist Is Rescued Alive After Spending 10 Hours Inside Freezing Cold Car That Got Buried By Snow Plow

A man was rescued alive by the authorities despite spending 10 hours inside a car that got buried by snow plow.

The victim has been identified as Kevin Kresen.

According to reports, the man was driving during a snowstorm in the town of Owego when he hit a ditch and was plowed by a truck.

The doors of the car were blocked by the snow and he had no option but to wait inside the car, said a report.

The man did get to call 911, who rescued him afterward, but that happened 10 hours later.

State Police Sgt. Jason Cawley said that Kevin could have passed away if they arrived at the location late.

During an interview with the press, Sgt. Cawley said:

If he was in there for another hour his body temperature would have gone lower, and I’m convinced he wouldn’t have made it.

Kevin said that he drove his vehicle into a ditch at around midnight and when he tried to call the authorities for help, he could not get through.

The car was disabled completely and Kevin had no access to heat.

As per the rescue, it was really amazing.

Kevin managed to get a signal inside the car and call 911.

First responders were able to narrow the call to a 5 kilometer stretch along a river in Owego, which was covered with over 40 inches of snow.

When the responders reached the spot, they noticed that the car of Kevin was covered in snow.

The emergency responders reached the spot and punched the side window of the vehicle.

Kevin responded and the first responders got to know that he was alive and someone was inside the vehicle.

The state police officer said he did not realize that he was standing on the top of the car when they were carrying out the rescue mission.

Cawley cleared the glass and managed to dig Kevin out with the help of a local that was passing through the area.

Kevin, who is 58, suffered from frostbite and hypothermia.

He was rushed to a hospital.

He is reportedly in stable condition.

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