New Jersey Family Opened Their Amazon Package To Find Soiled Baby Diapers

JERSEY CITY: A family from New Jersey said they opened their Amazon package with soiled baby diapers.

Nassly Sales, the person who found the soiled baby diapers, said she was shocked to see diapers covered in what appeared to be fecal matter.

She found those after she opened her Amazon package.

The entire news was reported by WPIX-TV on Friday this week.

Nassly said she purchased diapers for her 2 daughters each month from Amazon’s Warehouse Section, which sells returned items at a discounted rate.

According to the official website of Amazon, the huge company inspects and certifies all open-box products before reselling them.

Sales immediately started disinfecting her nursery and wiped down her daughter with rubbing alcohol.

Sales said she is now earing for her daughter’s health since she was born 26 weeks premature and has a compromised immune system.

The family said the thing that they found in the diapers appears to be fecal matter.

The diaper hasn’t been officially tested yet.

Amazon released a statement about the incident.

The spokesperson of Amazon said the company is now working with the family to resolve the issue.

The official statement of the spokesperson said, “We work hard to provide customers with a great experience and deeply regret that this situation did not live up to our high standards.”

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