Police Launch Hunt For 29-Year-Old Woman After Man Got Kidnapped, Stripped, And Tied To Tree

The police have launched a hunt for a woman that took a huge role in kidnapping a man, who was assaulted and then tied naked to a tree.

45-year-old Ronald Betances was arrested by the police on Sunday (June 21, 2020), however, Ariel Dupuis, the 29-year-old woman, is still on the run.

It is said that Ariel helped Ronald abduct a man at knifepoint from a house in Manchester, New Hampshire on Friday.

The man was then bundled into a vehicle, were his wallet and smartphone were stolen from him.

Chris Sergeant Chris Sanders, a detective sergeant with the Manchester Police, said that his kidnappers then drove to several locations.

Sergeant Sanders added:

The victim was then forced to remove his clothing, had his wrists and feet bound, and was assaulted before being tied to a tree. The victim managed to free himself and then contacted the police.

The 2 suspects and the victims are known to each other.

Ariel was also the subject of a police hunt before for being involved in a January 2016  shooting.

She was in a hotel room in Londonderry, New Hampshire when a man from Boston was shot.

In 2017, she was arrested by the police on a drug possession charge after a traffic stop conducted by the New Hampshire State Police in Windham.

Ariel was also detained in Merrimack for a number of times after she violated driving laws.

In December 2017, Ariel was also arrested for possession of Tramadol and Crack Cocaine. She was taken into custody on a judge’s order with the help of the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Department.

In November 2019, Ariel was detained for over-speeding in Windham.

That’s a lot of criminal history for someone who is just 29.

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