2 Massive Bushfires In Australia Merge, Threatening The Lives Of Many

2 massive bushfires in Australia merged together to create one massive giant blaze, threatening the lives of those people that are living nearby.

In recent reports, the fires in East Ournie Creek and Dunns Road Fires, which are close to the border of Victoria, were upgraded.

Midday temperatures reached 37C and the 2 fires emerged.

After the fires merged, they covered nearly 500,000 thousand hectares.

The fire is so massive that its size equates to around the same as the country’s capital city of Canberra.

The Rural Fire Service sent out a warning, calling the massive bushfire with erratic behavior.

The fires of the massive bushfires have flames that could potentially move and change direction in a very fast way.

The blaze has reached Kunama, Talbingo, Batlow, and Wondalga.

People that are living in the Goobragandra Valley, Mannus, Mundaroo, Ournie, Brindabella, and Tooma have been asked to evacuate their towns.

The Rural Fire Service released a statement about the massive fires.

The statement said, “If you are in the area south of Tumbarumba to Khancoban, and west of the Kosciuszko National Park, you should leave early. Do not be in the path of these fires.”

Talking about the fires, Shayne Fitzsimmons, the RFS Commissioner, released a statement about the incident.

The statement said, “The conditions are difficult because we’ll see hot temperatures, high 30s, low 40s. It’s the hot, dry winds that will prove once again to be the real challenge.”

He added, “We want people out, into safer places and the maps identify a number of towns and villages where you would better off going for the day and not being in harm’s way.”

He continued, “The firegrounds are going to be tested and, as we have seen in the last couple of months, we only need an ember or two to get out to start an outbreak and start presenting challenges.”

The massive bushfires in Australia have killed over 1 billion animals.

University of Sydney professor Chris Dickman announced the shocking and eye-opening numbers last week, and a week after the claims, he is now providing a new update.

Now, Professor Dickman says the numbers have soared over 800 million in New South Wales alone.

Talking on the national numbers, the professor said the numbers are over 1 billion.

During an interview with CBS, Professor Dickman said, “I think there’s nothing quite to compare with the devastation that’s going on over such a large area so quickly.”

He added, “It’s a monstrous event in terms of geography and the number of individual animals affected.”

You can donate to these following organizations if you want to help the victims:

  • Australian Red Cross
  • St Vincent de Paul Society
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Wildlife Warriors
  • New South Wales (NSW) Rural Fire Service
  • Queensland Fire and Rescue
  • South Australian Country Fire Service
  • Victorian Country Fire Authority
  • Tasmanian Fire Service
  • Western Australia Fire and Emergency Services
  • Community Enterprise Foundation.

People all over the world are being urged to help the victims.

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