3-Year-Old Girl From London Dies After Taking Cocaine That Was Left Out By Her Drug Dealer Father

A 3-year-old girl from London, England, passed away after taking cocaine that was left out by her dad, who is a drug dealer, heard a court.

The girl, who was only identified as K for legal reasons, was a loving little girl, said the judge of the case.

K collapsed after being admitted to a hospital with suspected meningitis or sepsis, a result of antibacterial resistance in the body.

It was later heard that she suffered a heart attack as a result of taking Class A substance.

An autopsy later revealed that the girl had ingested cocaine.

The mother and father of the girl blamed one another for the death of their child.

Their other 4 children were taken away from them by the social services for the negligence.

Justice Williams, a high court judge, said that the father brought the drugs to the house of the mother.

The couple was involved in drug-related activities.

Justice Williams said:

It seems most probable that the cocaine that K ingested was present in the mother’s home as a result of father having brought it onto the premises and having processed it in some way in an area which the children would have access to. Precisely where in the house and all the circumstances in which K came to ingest it, I do not consider that it can be determined. However, my conclusion that it was the father’s drug which was carelessly left in the mother’s home and there ingested by K is where responsibility ultimately lies.

The mother is also a drug user.

It was heard in the court that the mother was aware that the father was bringing cocaine into their house and it was being processed there, however, the mother did nothing to prevent that from happening.

The justice added:

It seems most probable that she turned a blind eye or persuaded herself that sufficient precautions were being taken to protect the children. This was to kid herself. If ever there was a lesson of the perils of drug misuse, this provides it. I have little doubt that adults, young people and children will continue to die from the deliberate and inadvertent ingestion of illicit drugs. The complacency that accompanies frequent misuse is perhaps one of the biggest problems. Whether this family is able to learn from this tragedy remains to be seen. I hope they and others do.

6 people at the time of the toddler’s death were arrested by the police, however, they were released afterward, said the Metropolitan Police.

Official investigations are still going on.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim, may their soul rest in peace.

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