6-Year-Old Boy Cooked To Death In Front Of Father After Falling In Traditional Clay Oven

A 6-year-old boy from Argentina was cooked to death after he accidentally fell into a traditional clay oven.

According to reports, the incident happened in Las Delicias, a small municipality in the province of Santiago del Estero in northern Argentina.

Thiago Orellana, the boy, was with his father when the incident happened.

It is said that the 6-year-old boy managed to climb on the top of the traditional oven when his father was busy doing other things.

Local news agencies have 2 claims for the incident.

Claim number 1: The roof of the clay oven crumbled under his feet because of his weight and due to the fact that it was burning.

Claim number 2: The 6-year-old boy fell down the oven’s chimney.

The family members of the 6-year-old boy tried to retrieve the boy from the burning oven, but they were driven back by the fire.

Traditional clay ovens can burn up to 450 degrees Celsius.

It is believed that the clay oven that killed the boy was the horno de barro is a traditional igloo-shaped clay oven found in most Argentinian back yards.

The father of the boy called the police and authorities after the incident.

Local firefighters came to the scene with a fire engine, but they failed to get the boy out of the oven alive.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family members of the boy.

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