64-Year-Old Man Jailed For Life For Killing Terminally Ill Ex-Wife As Act Of Mercy

The UK: A 64-year-old husband suffocated his terminally ill ex-wife.

Cornelius Van Der Ploeg, 64, has been jailed for murdering his ex-wife in an act of mercy because she was terminally ill.

It is reported that Cornelius had visited CHerith at her house when she was getting end-of-life care and asked for time alone with her.

30 minutes later, he told family members that he had smothered her.

The police and paramedics were called.

Van Der Ploeg admitted killing his ex, from Costessey, Norfolk.

The ex-wife of Cornelius was diagnosed with a terminal illness the previous month and her condition had rapidly deteriorated.

Det Insp Lewis Craske told the Norwich Crown Court:

It appears he killed his ex-wife believing it to be in her and her family’s best interests… Cherith’s daughter and son did not have the opportunity to grieve while the police investigation in to the actions of their father took over.

Cornelius will be serving minimum 6 years in prison.

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