Brisbane Firefighters In Shock After Finding Out Someone Stole 1000 Liters Of Water From Their Station

Firefighters in Australia have been fighting to put an end on massive bushfires that are destroying thousands of forests in the country, but something weird just happened in Brisbane.

Woodhill Rural Fire Brigade First Officer Ben Heilbronn noticed that waster was missing from tanks at their fire station on Thursday.

Officer Ben said, “We noticed some tyre tracks in and around there that were bigger than our own vehicles, and that the water level had dropped. I think it’s a sign of the desperation and the dire need that rural communities have for water, and just how low the average household tanks are.”

He added, “There has been anger and frustration. It’s really disappointing to think that someone in the community or around the community could do that. That passes quickly…there is not a lot of time for anger when you’re back out fighting fires.”

According to reports, around 1,000 liters of water from water tanks have gone missing.

The Woodhill Rural Fire Brigade, which is located in Logan South of Brisbane, found out about the theft last week and notified the police about it.

The Woodhill Rural Fire Brigade is busy battling a massive bushfire in Esk, a place that is nearly 2 hours away from their fire station.

After the theft was reported, volunteers went into Logan to full up the tanks after completing 12-hour shifts.

Not only that, but people have also asked the Woodhill Rural Fire Brigade if they accept water donations so they could help them conquer massive fire.

On a post that they made on their official Facebook Page, the Woodhill Rural Fire Brigade said, “We have had a lot of offers for donations of water since posting about our water being stolen from our tanks. While we appreciate the offers it has been taken care of. However if you have water supplies on your property that we can access for fire fighting and want to help be sure to grab one of these bad boys.”

To all of our followers and our community.We have been manning our station today and have in the past hour sent every…

Posted by Woodhill Rural Fire Brigade on Thursday, 5 December 2019

The post added, “This blue reflector attached to a post near your front gate signals to us that you have a water source we can use for fire fighting. This could be tanks, dams or even a pool. So long as a truck can gain access to it we can use it. With water being in short supply lately and a lot of our area not having readily accessible fire hydrants this is a huge help to us.”

The police are now trying to find the person or group of people who are involved in stealing the 1,000 liters of water.

If you have any information about the theft, please contact the Woodhill Rural Fire Brigade at +61 7 5543 2893 or message them on their Facebook page.

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