Italian Man Denied Swiss Citizenship For Not Knowing Wolves And Bears Shared Enclosure At Local Zoo

An Italian man was denied Swiss citizenship because he failed to correctly answer a question about animals in the zoo.

The decision has been ruled as unfair by a federal court.

According to reports, the Italian national had been living in Switzerland for the past 30 years, working as an ice cream vendor.

It was in the year 2015 the man and his family applied for citizenship.

He was denied for not being socially and culturally integrated enough.

The reasons for his repeated rejection included not knowing that bears and wolves shared the shame enclosure at his local zoo, getting a word wrong in the Swiss National Anthem, and showing minor deficiencies in the local geography.

The applications of the man’s wife and 2 children were all eventually approved after an appeal in 2018. Unfortunately, the application of the man was not approved.

On Monday, a federal court ruled that the man had unfairly been denied because some of the questions that were asked to him were too specific.

The man, whose name was not shared with the public, passed the other areas of the test, which includes civic and social knowledge.

The court ruled on Monday that the results should have compensated for his failures in the other parts.

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