Jobless Son Kept Dead Mother In Kitchen Freezer So He Could Claim Her Pension

A man in China has been jailed for fraud after he stored the dead body of his own mother in a freezer so he could steal her pension.

Wu, the horrible son, stored his mother’s corpse in freezing conditions in order to prevent her body from rotting and to prevent any decomposing smell that could alert the neighbors.

It is said that the mother died on April 4, 2019, however, her body was uncovered on November 2, 2019.

The incident happened in the Baoshan District of China.

The accused man is currently facing 10 years in jail.

The court has also ordered him to return the money that he took from his mother’s pension.

Wu was fined ¥10,000 and was ordered to pay back the ¥24,000.

Jiang Xiaoyan, the lead prosecutor in the case, said that the man was jobless and was reliant on his mother before she passed away.

The mother of Wu was bedridden before she passed away.

It is believed that the mother died of natural causes following multiple organ failures.

The incident came to light when a community worker raised the alarm.

Authorities carried out a search in the property, where they found a body in the freezer.

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