Lahore Man Left In Critical Condition After Falling Down From Fourth Floor While Shooting TikTok Video

Lahore, Pakistan: A 20-year-old man fell from the fourth floor of a building while shooting multiple TikTok videos along with his friends.

According to the police, the incident happened on July 30, 2020, in Lahore, Pakistan.

Malik Hamza, the man that fell down, is currently in a critical condition.

Hamza is a resident of the Gujranwala city in the province of Punjab.

He works in Lahore and had completed his night shift before meeting his friends to shoot videos for his TikTok account.

Qaiser Awan, the victim’s cousin, said that Hamza sustained injuries on his neck, leg, and ribs during the fall.

Upon reaching the hospital, the doctors said that he is in critical condition.

According to local news agencies, the police seized the smartphone that Hamza owned.

An official investigation has also been launched by the police.

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