Mexico: Couple Adopted Homeless Puppies And Fed Them To Their Pet Snakes

A couple from Mexico has been accused of adopting puppies on the pretext of giving them a home, instead, they ended up feeding them to their snakes.

The incident happened in Aguascalientes, a state in Mexico.

The police have started to question Kevin Peralta de la Torre.

He was accused by a number of Facebook and other social media users on the internet.

They claimed that he and his partner Aleh Ortlsaias have been approaching people on social media and asking them if they know anyone that would help them get homeless dogs.

After getting the dogs through social media, the couple would block them so they could not contact them and ask for images about the dogs and see how they were doing.

Shalom Escudeo, a social media user, made a post on social media, where he talked about what the couple does.

Shalom said in the post:

This guy kills them. It was known a long time ago that he has a snake farm. They request small dogs to feed their snakes. He has already deleted his Facebook and blocks the cell phone of the people who donated a puppy to him.

Shalom is not the only one that has the same claims.

Karen Marquez, another social media user, commented on the news and said that the couple is responsible for the disappearance of over 11 puppies in the area.

Marquez added:

He is Kevin Peralta de la Torre, responsible for the disappearance of more than 11 puppies (to this day) which were given to him for adoption at different times… in the span of 4 months.  On 12th August of this year, Kevin appeared at my home at 2 in the morning, for my safety I did not open the door, he stayed outside my house until 7:40 a.m. waiting for me to open the door. He asked me to delete my publication… He was desperate, but I told him I would not delete it until he gave me proof that all the puppies were okay and to tell me what people he left them with.

Marquez went on to say in the statement that he could not show the authorities any proof because the images that they post on the internet are not the ones that they had adopted from the streets.

Officials are currently talking with the couple.

However, there is no official information about the news and if an official investigation has been opened up for the incident.

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