Pakistani Teen Murders Father Who Electrocuted Her Mother And Beat Her For Having A Relationship With Cousin

A 16-year-old girl from Lahore, Pakistan, killed her father with the help of her 18-year-old cousin.

The girl said that she killed her father because he was repeatedly abusing her mother and was against her relationship with a cousin.

Saira, the girl, killed her father because he was against her relationship with Moazzam, a cousin that helped her kill her father.

But in a recent interview, she said that the did the horrible act because her father was constantly beating her mother.

The police have arrested the mother, the daughter, and the cousin for the murder.

In a recent interview, Saira said that Arshad, the father, was beating their entire family for no reason.

The family has admitted the crime to the police.

During an interview, Saira said:

He used to beat us for no good reason. He was going to drop his second wife to their home when I gave Moazzam his (Arshad’s) pistol, and he killed him.

Saira said that she was tired of facing continuous abuse from their father, which is the reason why she killed him.

At first, the family said that the father was killed by robbers who attacked their house during a heist.

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