Sick Mother Took Money From “Wealthy” Pedophile And Allowed Him To Abuse Her 15-Year-Old Daughter

An evil mother took money from a wealthy pedophile and allowed him to abuse her 15-year-old daughter and take nude pictures of her on his expensive yacht.

The case was heard in a court in the United States of America.

William Wellington Hooper, the pedophile, has been convicted of conspiracy to produce child abuse images and the enticement of a child.

Hooper, 53, told the little girl that he would help her become a model, but he groomed her into allowing him to take a number of nude pictures of her.

Hooper owns an oyster business.

He is currently facing a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years to life when he will be sentenced.

A court heard that Hooper approached the girl last year in April after he got to know that she wanted to become a model.

The mother of the victim took nude images of her own daughter and sent them to Hooper.

The mother, who was not identified, pleaded guilty to producing child abuse images.

Investigations found out that the mother was the one that drove the girl to the yacht of Hooper.

Once at the yacht, the pedophile told the girl to get naked so he could take more nude photos. They also performed a sexual act.

Hooper also paid the underage girl $50 for the incident.

The girl is currently receiving counseling after the incident.

Hooper will be sentenced in February 2021.

The mother of the victim will be sentenced next month, said reports.

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