Texas: Taxi Driver Who Murdered 2 Daughters In Honor Killings For Dating Non-Muslim Boys Arrested After 12 Years

Irving, Texas: A Lewisville man that was wanted in connection for murdering his 2 daughters in honor killings that happened in 2008 has been arrested.

Yaser Abdel Said, who was listed in the FBI’s Most Wanted Fugitives List since 2014, went missing after the murder of his daughters.

Amina and Sarah were killed on January 1, 2008, for dating non-Muslim boys by their own father, which authorities are calling honor killings.

On January 1, 2008, Said took his daughters for a ride in his taxicab, however, he drove them to a secluded place, where he shot them both inside the car.

Amina and Sarah were 18 and 17 when they were killed.

The police raided the house of Said in Lewisville, however, he was gone.

Authorities listed him in the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list in 2014.

An FBI SWAT team arrested Said in the Denton County Town of Justin on Wednesday.

When the FBI SWAT team arrested Said, he was reportedly calm and did not talk.

His appearance was similar to what he looked like in the year 2008.

The FBI and the police did not elaborate on a motive for the murders that were committed.

It was recently reported that the father was extremely upset that the girls were dating and were dating boys that were not Muslims.

Irving Police Chief Jeff Spivey argued over the term honor killing in the incident.

In a statement that he released to the public, Chief Spivey said:

I don’t know how you can use the term ‘honor’ and ‘killing’ in this instance. This man brutally murdered, shot to death his two daughters in his taxi cab. What led him to do that? I think at this point to us, it’s irrelevant. The fact that he murdered his two daughters, the fact that he’s been on the run for 12 years, the fact that tonight his flight from justice ended and justice for Amini and Sarah begins, that’s what’s most important to us.

The family members of Said, his brother and son, have been arrested by federal agents for harboring a fugitive.

Family members of the victim said they were extremely happy that Said had been arrested.

Said will be transferred to Dallas County to face the capital murder charges.

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