Watch: 40-Year-Old Chinese Woman Tries To Kidnap 2-Year-Old Girl At Busy Train Station

A 40-year-old Chinese woman has been arrested after she was caught trying to kidnap a 2-year-old girl in front of the girl’s mum at a busy train station in China.

The 40-year-old woman, who has been identified as Chen, can be seen in the video trying to kidnap the girl.

Reports suggest that the woman became desperate for a child after having trouble getting pregnant.

The woman pushed an empty buggy on a crowded square in front of the Shanghai Railway Station before she tried to snatch the 2-year-old girl who was traveling with their family.

The incident happened on Tuesday last week at the Shanghai Railway Station.

According to the police, the girl was waiting to board a train to Zhengzhou, their hometown, with her mother, twin brother, and grandmother.

Her mother, whose name is Wang, was resting near the exit of the train station with her family when the 40-year-old woman approached them with a pushchair.

Surveillance footage shows Chen making a beeline for the 2-year-old girl that was walking towards her mother.

The suspect lifted the child and attempted to put the girl into the empty buggy that she was rolling around.

The mother stopped Chen and grabbed her daughter back.

The mother then confronted the 40-year-old woman and yelled for help.

The mother of Wang ran up to Chen and grasped her by her arms so she couldn’t escape from the train station.

During an interview with the local media, Wang, the mother of the 2-year-old girl, said, “My child was there and she (Chen) grabbed her and wanted to leave. She (said to my child) “come with mum”, and then prepared to flee.”

In a statement that was released by the Shanghai Railway Police, they said 40-year-old Chen is originally from the Sichuan Province of South-Western China.

Initially, Chen claimed that she thought the 2-year-old girl was her daughter.

Investigations revealed that the son of Chen is already 20-years-old.

Interrogation led Chen to confess that she wanted to have a baby with her boyfriend but had a hard time conceiving.

Chen said she went to Shanghai to visit relatives and was on her way to a nearby city to work.

Chen was passing through the train station when she found the 2-year-old girl.

Chen said the girl was very cute and wanted to take the girl with her.

When she was asked why she had a piece of empty luggage with her, Chen said she used it to carry luggage.

The culprit has been detained and is facing charges of child abduction.

If found guilty, Chen can face 10 years in jail.

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