Young Pakistani Woman Intoxicated And Gang-Raped By 6 Monsters After She Was Waiting For Public Transport

A young woman from Lahore, Pakistan, was intoxicated and gang-raped by 6 monsters after she was waiting for public transport to arrive.

The news was reported by the local media outlets in Lahore, Pakistan, on October 1, 2020.

The woman, who was not identified, was waiting for a bus on the Jaranwala Road in the limits of the Mangatwala Police Station in the province of Punjab.

It was reported that the bus the young woman was riding broke down in the middle of the road, so she had to go out and wait for another bus.

The victim told the police that she was waiting for a new bus to arrive with her friend.

According to the FIR (First Information), the bus that the woman and her friend were traveling in originally broke down.

While she was waiting, the woman was offered a lift by a bunch of men that were passing in a car on the road.

The woman got inside and they reportedly intoxicated her.

The woman was quoted saying in the FIR:

The men took me to a nearby area where four other men were present. All six men raped me.

The 6 men then left the woman in a field nearby.

The woman called her friend and told her to pick her up from there.

The police said that the incident happened on September 24, 2020, but it was made public and reported by local news agencies on October 1, 2020.

The police have officially registered a case against the 6 accused men in the incident, who are being hunted down by the authorities.

Chief Minister of Punjab (CM), Sardar Usman Buzdar, was notified about the gang-rape.

CM Buzdar has directed the authorities to launch an investigation about the incident and give a report to the RPO (Regional Police Office).

The CM has asked the authorities to speed up the investigations and present the 6 men in front of the law as fast as they can.

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